Книги-шкатулки Беатрис Поттер/Эппли Дэппли

Шкатулка-книга "Эппли Дэппли".

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Книга-шкатулка "Эппли Дэппли"
Цвет: Сиреневый.
Размер: 11х16 см. (+/- 0,2-0,3 см.)
Цена: 2400 руб.

В наличии

Appley Dapply, a little brown mouse, goes to the cupboard in somebody's house. In somebody's cupboard there's everything nice; cake, cheese, jam, biscuits – all charming for mice. Appley Dapply has little sharp eyes, and Appley Dapply is fond of pies! Now who is this knocking at Cottontail's door? Tap tappit! Tap tappit! She's heard it before. And when she peeps out there is nobody there, but a present of carrots put on the stair.

Читать дальше

Hark! I hear it again! Tap, tap, tappit, why – I really believe it's a little black rabbit! Old Mr.Pricklepin has never a cushion to stick his pins in, His nose is black and his beard is gray, and he lives in an ash stump over the way. You know the old woman who lives in a shoe? And has so many children she didn't know what to do? I think if she lived in a shoe-hose, that old woman was surely a mouse! Diggory Diggory Delvet! A little old man in black velvet; he digs and he delves. You can see for yourselves the mounds dug by Diggory Delvet. Gravy and potatoes in a good brown pot – put them in the oven, and serve them hot! There once was an amiable guinea-pig, who brushed his hairs like a periwig - He wore a sweet tie, as blue as the sky – and his whiskers and buttons were very big.